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For Sale by owner tulsa Maybe?

Posted by John Stafford // May 18, 2016

So do terms like craigslist broken arrow, craigslist tulsa real estate, for sale by owner broken arrow, for sale by owner broken arrow ok sound familiar? If you are trying to sell your home yourself it will sound very familiar, as these are just a few of the terms often type into Google by people […]

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What kind of floor works best in a rental property?

Posted by John Stafford // May 11, 2016

Have rentals? we do, and like us I bet you think about wear and tear on you rental holding as well, when it comes to carpet there’s not a lot you can do but pull and replace every few it every years or between tenets, and we all know replacing a large amount of flooring […]

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looking for sale by owner tulsa

Posted by John Stafford // May 2, 2016

In the day to day operations of a Real Estate Redevelopment Company, is the on going need for new inventory which has us looking at for sale by owner tulsa type properties in and around the greater Tulsa area, on any given day we receive email or phone calls from people wanting to sell a property, […]

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